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    Pat Andrea (1942, The Netherlands)

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    Michael Bastow (1943, U.K.)

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    Peter Blake (1922, U.K.)

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    Mark Brusse (1937, The Netherlands)

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    Dado (Miodrag Djuric) (1933, Montenegro - 2010, France)

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    Bernard Dufour (1922, France)

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    Erró (Gudmundur Gudmondsson (1932, Iceland)

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    Michelle Molyneux (1966, U.K.)

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    Graham Ovenden (1943, U.K.)

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    Simon Pasieka (1967, Germany)

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    Emmanuelle Perat (1970, France)

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    Jean Rustin (1928, France - 2013, France)

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    Gregory Ryan (1967, U.S.A.)

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    Anton Solomoukha (1945, Ukraine)

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For over a decade Richard Selby is working on his new project 'Artists'. His pursue to document the essence of personality were always in the nudes. This, combined with his wish to unveil the hidden ateliers of befriended artists, resulted in the series 'Artists'. For once, not only the models and the muses are exposed, but also the artist's themselves. Selby's friends are photographed in their own environment, but the collages he made are showing much more than that alone.

Including portraits of Pat Andrea, Michael Bastow, Peter Blake, Mark Brusse, Dado, Bernard Dufour, Erró, Michelle Molyneux, Graham Ovenden, Simon Pasieka, Emmanuelle Perat, Jean Rustin, Gregory Ryan and Anton Solomoukha.

Artist's portraits will be exhibited for the first time in spring 2015 in Paris. A book will be published and introduced during this occasion.

Contact Richard Selby for pre-orders of the book.