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Richard Selby, New York, 1970

Richard Selby was born on the 6th of August 1933 in London, England. He graduated from Cambridge University with a M.A. in History. He spent several years working in London at various jobs before enrolling at Westminster University to study photography. At the end of his first year he took a summer job in a New York studio and from there found a job as assistant to Art Kane, a famous editorial and advertising photographer. Two years later, he declined invitations from Richard Avedon and Hiro and started out on his own as a freelance editorial photographer in New York for magazines such as Look, Saturday Evening Post, Holiday and Venture.

While on assignment for Venture, he visited Munich and was invited by
Willy Fleckhaus to work for Twen magazine. Twen is still considered to be the most prestigious and influential magazine ever created. Besides Richard Selby and Will McBride, Twen invited freelance photographers like Jeanloup Sieff, David Hamilton, Wim Wenders, Sam Haskins and Helmut Newton. Subsequently, he divided his time working for magazines in New York, London, Paris, Milan and Munich. For the German edition of Playboy he did a number of playmates, including the first one shot outside the U.S.A. He also began to do some corporate work. He has never solicited advertising photography.

Clients in Germany: Twen, Playboy, Jasmin, Eltern, Freundin, Quick and Stern.
Clients in England: Nova, Honey, Woman’s Own and Over 21.
Clients in France: Depech Mode and Marie France.
Clients in Italy: Grazia and others.

In 1991 his first book of nudes 'Know Your Number' was published in Germany. Almost 5000 copies of this book were sold, mainly in the U.S.A.. After a period of ill health following the publication, a second revised and enlarged edition of the book was published in 2001. Since 2012 the Dutch based Photo Cabinet Gallery manages his vintage prints collection. Richard is presently working on a project about artists which will be published and exhibited in 2015, as well as several other projects. He lives in Brighton and works in New York and Paris.

Solo shows
• Books and Binding Gallery, New York, 1993
• Books and Binding Gallery, New York, 1994
• Mono Gallery, London, 1997
• Gwenola De Luze, Paris, 1998
• Sterts Art Centre, Cornwall, 1998
• Laurant Struck Gallery, Paris, 1999
• The Photo Cabinet Gallery, The Hague, 2012

Group shows
• Portfolio Gallery, London, 1990
• MBM Gallery, New York,1992

• Know Your Number (1st Ed. 1991, Monograph, Graphic+Photos+Art, Munich)
• NudeYork (Seibundo Shinkosha, Tokyo, 1995)
• Know Your Number (2nd Ed. 2001, Monograph, Catwalk Editions, Paris)

Magazine articles
• Playboy, Germany, 1974-1975
• Foto Magazine, Germany, 1991
• Esquire, Germany, 1992
• Das Magazine,Germany, 1992
• PIC magazine UK, 1992
• Black and White Art Photography, U.K., 1992
• Penthouse Forum, U.S.A., 1991
• Cupido, Norway, 1994
• Libido, U.S.A., 1993
• Black+White, Australia, July 2003.
• British Journal of Photography, U.K., March 2003
• Amature Photographer, U.K., February 2003.

Magazine covers
• PIC magazine (January 1992, April 1992)
• Das Magazine (February 1992)
• Penthouse (January 1991)
• Esquire (February 1992)
• BW Art Photographer (September 1991)
• Over 21 (1976)
• British Journal of Photography (March 2003)
• Modern Photography (1964)
• Cupido (1994)
• Libido (1994)